About Mining Villains

Experience Minecraft like never before!

Immerse yourself in a technological world with new blocks, ores and food. Mining Villains offers players a multitude of new ways to shape and transform the world to their liking. Use one of the many new armor and weapons to always be well equipped in the fight against Creeper and Co.

Explore new dimensions and fantastic worlds in search of the resources you need. Process your ores in one of the many machines to maximize your yield. Construction generators or solar panels to power your machines. Or join forces with other players to build big power plants to cover your energy needs.

Build together huge machinery and industrial complexes where you can fully automatically produce whatever you need. Program robots to farm resources to save time or monitor your nuclear-powered reactors.

Creates a network of Stargates to quickly overcome great distances or get into other dimensions.

With Mining Villains, you can create a world that fits your needs.