Webseite is under construction

Currently we are working on the completion of the homepage with high pressure.
However, the forum is already operational, and can be used at any time.
We also do not want to conceal the fact that we are working on a beta test server.
Once this is ready, we will inform you where you are to participate in the Sign up for a beta test server program.

Update of the server package with plugin support!

We have in the last days the server package with plugin support
revised again. Of course, we still can not get a plugin with 100% Announce compatibility, but this too is only a matter of time.
First, if the plugins donĀ“t cause error messages in the server console at the server start.
Hereby we also could already find the GriefPrevention not compatible with our server version.

To find out which plugins are 100% compatible with our serverpack we will
Test some plugins on our in-progress beta test server during operation!